A Corner in the World started out as an independent festival for performing arts bringing together artists from Turkey and its surrounding regions: corners of the world with geographical proximity but few opportunities for mobility and collaboration. As a platform for artists and audiences to meet, the festival realized two editions before A Corner in the World became the resident curator at bomontiada Alt in May 2017 and ended its mission in January 2019. A Corner in the World is working on its local and international projects through various collaborations.




Fatih Gençkal is a performer and performance-maker. He is the founding artistic director of A Corner in the World Festival, Studio 4 Istanbul company and co-curator of bomontiada Alt. With a background in Political Science, Acting and Contemporary Dance, he has been involved in performing, directing, teaching, cultural management and curating nationally and internationally. His performance and directing work has been seen in Theater Freiburg, TheaterFormen (GER), Julidans (NL), PS122 (USA) and İstanbul Theater Festival among others. Fatih is a nominee for New Theater Magazine Beklan Algan Actor Award (2014) and recipient of Direklerarası New Space Manager Award (2015).


With a background in Political Sciences, Communications and Sociology, Claire Zerhouni has been collaborating in various projects involving cultural management, teaching, writing, and curating. She worked with Epic Theater Ensemble (USA), Le CENT QUATRE and the Arab World Institute (FR), the French Institute (SY/TR), Siwa Plateforme (FR/TU), arthereistanbul (TR), Sundance Institute (USA). Her articles appear in some print and online publications (Time Out Istanbul, Artradar, Yabangee). She is currently working on the development of A Corner in the World and the co-curator of bomontiada Alt.


Burcu Yılmaz is a performer, trainer and cultural manager. She is one of the co-directors/ curators of A Corner in the World and the former co-curator of bomontiada Alt. She had a background on cultural heritage and arts management and performing arts. She worked with national and international organisations including Anadolu Kültür (TR), Friche Laiterie (FR), Global Heritage Fund (USA). She worked as a performer for Villa Theatre (FR) and Altenburg State Theatre (GR) among others. As a trainer on creative dance,improvisation and soundpainting, she works with different groups including mostly children. She was also the co-founder of a creative space, ALTüst Eski Datça.